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The Ultimate Fragrance Experience - THE ART OF PERFUMERY Masterclass with Miriam


THE ART OF PERFUMERY Masterclass with Miriam

Imagine creating your very own unique fragrance from 100% natural ingredients.  

This is a hands on experience in making your very own Eau de Parfum using the traditional French Method with French Botanical Perfumer, Miriam Young.

In this absolutely luxurious experience, be surrounded by gorgeous bouquets of flowers, created by Flowers of the World, as you create your perfume. You will be inspired!

Learn how to choose and blend top notes, middle notes and base notes whilst creating a harmonious fragrant medley to match your scent preferences. Work with materials from the major scent families including, Floral, Oriental, Citrus, Aromatic, Wood, Green and Moss. Male, as well as Feminine scents can be created. No experience required.

The exciting thing about working with absolute naturals is that after you go home, you will find your creation will shift, move and expand during the coming weeks, as your unique combination of plant molecules blend and harmonise. Your perfume creation will be complete approximately 3 weeks after your Perfumery Experience, less in the summer months.

Allow 2 hours for the workshop, this will include a light refreshment and beverage suitably matched to making perfume.

No synthetic materials: 90% of the aromatics you will be using are certified organic.

‘Perfumery is the ultimate spiritual journey. You have to be daring. You have to break the rules. Yet you have to be moderate, consistent. Perfumery tests the depths of your creativity. And brings you to your knees with the patience that is required. Intuition, listening is everything. And each day brings a new challenge’ Miriam Young FRENCH PERFUMER & MEDICAL HERBALIST

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What you'll need to bring:

Refrain from wearing any fragrance before this scentual workshop.

What you'll take home:

Your very own, tailor made perfume.


GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE & GROUP BOOKINGS POSSIBLE : please contact Miriam on 0413 024 901 or

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