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Photography Masterclass 2 Days: suitable for beginners & intermediate participants

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Get to know your DSLR camera and take photography to the next level.

Join the talented photographer Hemma Kearney Director of Show & Tell Productions.

At this 2 day photography masterclass you will only require yourself and a DSLR or mirrorless camera to discover the technical attributes through the fun of photographing flowers, food and faces on Day 1 and outdoor & cityscape photography Day 2.

Provided are beautiful flowers from Flowers of the World, food by The Studio Brisbane and a professional model to learn about portraiture as well.

This masterclass is designed to maximise camera skills, designed for beginners or intermediate, learning the key functions, modes and composition of a DSLR/ mirrorless camera. Auto-mode will be a thing of the past and your images delivering a greater quality.

See through a new photography lens with this 2 Day master class. Opportunity to participate one day or all weekend.

More detailed course overview and pricing coming soon!

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M: 0414321638 Alicia

What you'll need to bring:

Digital Camera DSLR / Ensure batteries are fully charged / Formatted SD cards with some empty space for the 2 day immersion in photography.

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