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Botanical Illustration Course 'learn to draw'


Come draw with the incredibly talented artist Caija Te - the plants are a calling!

The city is a fast paced concrete jungle at the best of times. It can be hard to find your little slice of nature to connect with. And it can be even more difficult once you find that slice to be present with it.

Come spend two hours amongst the foliage and truly connect with yourself and a plant that calls you.
Guided meditation will lead into a life drawing plant session so to speak. If a human can model why can’t a fern?

I will take you through the basics of seeing, sketching and detailing. These skills will help you to draw and document the natural world around you… leading to fun little projects like nature journaling and botanical illustration.

This is not about me enforcing my style onto you, this is about you connecting to nature itself and seeing what grows from the page. No drawing experience required, this is a fun evening that will equip you with drawing skills for life.

Caija is also The Studio Brisbane’s resident artist, you can admire her artistry on entering The Studio space, with the unmissable flower pots & mural driveway. Follow her on Instagram @caijate_illustration

What you'll need to bring:

  • Journal / Sketch Pad

  • Pencil & Rubber

What will be provided:

  • A plant for you draw and to take home!

  • Tea & nibbles

  • Lots of love and support

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