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One word can make a world of difference : linguistic empowerment


Join Anja for a series of inspiring workshops sharing her insights on words. The essence of every word can be defined by using the letters of the word to dictate the essence, establishing a collective truth.

Anja’s education in the Netherlands equipped her with an understanding of many languages, Dutch, French, English, German and Spanish were all part of the standard curriculum. When she studied floral design at the horticulture college, Latin was taught as the universal language for botany.

A lifelong career as a florist has been like studying at the University of Life to master the language of flowers. The simple concept of defining the essence of words is like re-inventing Lexigraphy.

Anja feels that she has been able to translate the language of flowers in plain English.  Anyone interested in mindfulness and self-development will find the concept intriguing, inspiring and fascinating.

‘100 Words to kill you cactus’ is Anja’s latest publication, highlighting 100 of the most powerful words to overcome fear and find strength. For instance the words HATE: Harboring Anger Takes Energy or HOPE: Having Optimistic Positive Expectations.

Every letter is a word, and every word holds a message that can be a powerful guide in determining how you live your life and look at the world. Understanding language in this manner will open new pathways for linguistic empowerment.

Here is an invitation to join in the discussion, learn, share, grow and bloom, all guided by Anja’s unique take on life.

What you'll need to bring:

Journal & pen for note taking, be inspired!

What you'll take home:

A signed copy of Anja’s book ‘100 Words to kill your cactus’

NOTE: Subsequent workshops & discussion group will be $33. Dates TBC.

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